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Marketing to Millennials is what put Millennial Labs on the map. We are nerdy researchers who analyze each challenge through the framework of behavioral psychology and social neuroscience. Our insights bring scientific investigations to life so that companies can interpret human behavior and act on data that converts.

The Challenge: Marketing to Millennials today is no joke. They don’t connect with traditional media, don’t stay loyal to brands, and don’t respond to the approaches that cemented relationships with their parent’s generation. If you’re like the thousands of leaders we’ve worked with over the last decade, you’re left feeling frustrated and disconnected. On top of that, you’re probably in an organization that’s throwing money at strategies that don’t work, communicating in ways that don’t stick, marketing in ways that don’t connect and positioning in ways that don’t sell. And when the data shows that Millennials will outspend every other generation in the market starting in 2017, this becomes an enormous problem.

The Opportunity: Thankfully for you, our team of marketing geniuses is a mix of everything from Psychologists to PhDs, from Harvard social educators to London School of Economics policy experts, and from self-proclaimed raconteurs to extroverted data geeks. Being a team of millennials, we get the psychology behind Millennial’s decision processes; we understand why few brands ever connect with the generation, and we know with pinpoint accuracy exactly what separates the winners from those that get left in the dust.

Clients trust us to bring this arsenal to the table to solve their toughest sales, marketing, and branding challenges. We utilize the prism of sociology and neuroscience and combine it with big data and groundbreaking research to provide customized sales and marketing solutions that work. Contact us today to learn more about our ‘Consumer Connection Formula’ and ‘360° Brand Loyalty Secrets’ to take your sales and your business to the next level.

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