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At Millennial Labs, we not only know that Millennials are shaping the future of the voting booth, but we’ve also figured out what it takes to connect with and mobilize the generation. Campaigns, politicians, and social movements trust us to make their message stick and their movement matter.

Millennial Labs. Paul Moya.

The Challenge: Millennials have become disenfranchised with the issues, disconnected from candidates, and faithless in the two-party system. While many call them distracted, disloyal, and hard to figure out, we call them the future of your campaign. Millennial voters will soon control nearly 40% of the votes in America and will create a lose-lose reality: lose Millennials, and you’ll lose the election.

The Opportunity: Our team is passionate about creating a bright future with strong leaders who give voice to the people. Naturally, we are both fascinated and deeply concerned with the current state of politics in our world. We deliver groundbreaking discoveries on what Millennial constituents need to hear, want to feel, and demand to see from their elected officials…and there’s a high probability it’s not what you think. Contact us to learn more about our ‘Mission-Driven Campaigns’, ‘Purpose Catapulting,’ and ‘Urgency Narrative Formulas’ to get voters engaged, active, and ready to take action today.

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